Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging

Efficient, Integrated, Secure Communication

Traditionally messages have been delivered to and retrieved from a variety of data stores (e-mail servers, voice-mail systems, fax-machines, mobile devices, instant messaging applications).

Today, IT professional have to often maintain separate systems for each type of messaging, maintain multiple accounts and perform maintenance and troubleshooting of a variety of redundant messaging devices and applications.

Unified Messaging seeks to solve these issues by integrating different str eams of messages (e-mail, voice, fax, video) into a single in-box accessible from a variety of devices (desktop, mobile devices, phone systems) in a variety of different ways (voice, text).


Why AllianceIT?

AllianceIT can help you enhance workflow and improve your processes and services by integrating Unified Messaging solutions into your current infrastructure.

Our extensive experience allows us not only address the core messaging infrastructure but also ensure that data adheres to sound information lifecycle management principles: your data is secure, well protected, uses cost-effective storage infrastructure, has strict retention policies and is compliant with government rules and regulations.

A Unified Messaging infrastructure implemented by AllianceIT will provide you with the following immediate and tangible benefits:

  • Improve the efficiency and mobility of your staff
  • Operate a cost-effective, secure messaging infrastructure
  • Simplify administration and maintenance of used accounts and passwords
  • Facilitate new and improved business processes

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    Build a shared corporate messaging infrastructure * Identify more efficient ways of communication * Protect and archive messages * Resolve operational issues related to your messaging infrastructure * Improve mobility of your staff


    Our Commitment

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