Product Coverage

If you are considering either the AllianceIT Mission Critical or Next Business Day support plans, it is important to note the following list of UNIX servers that are fully covered under these plans. If you require assistance to determine if you systems can take advantage of either of these coverage models, please call 416-238-7161 x 112 or email your support questions to Support e-mail

Supported Servers

IBM Power4,4+ and Power5,5+ Servers

We support the entire spectrum of IBM pSeries systems based on the p4 and p5 architectures including:

Power4: 61x, 620, 630, 640, 65x, 660, 670, 680, 690,

Power5: px85, p505, p510, p520, p550, p56x, p57x,p59x, 7xx

Supported Servers

HP 9000 and Integrity Servers

We support both the HP's PA-RISC and Itanium architectures including:

HP9000: K,L,N Class, rp24xx, rp34xx, rp44xx, rp54xx, rp74xx, rp84xx

Integrity:rx16xx, rx26xx, rx36xx, rx46xx, rx66xx, rx76xx, rx86xx

Supported Servers

SUN UltraSparc Servers

We support both the SUN Netra and SUN Fire lines including:

SUN Netra: CT and CP Series

SUN Fire: 4800, 6800, V2xx, V4xx, V8xx, X2xx, X4xx, E10K, E15K