Security Assessments

The security of business operations depends on a careful balance of security management, enforced policies, standards, procedures, strategy and employee awareness. Information security now plays a central role in corporate governance, helping executives to validate risk management investments and ensure the effectiveness of asset protection strategies.

Last year 30 large enterprises lost tens of millions of private customer records leading to identity theft and millions of dollars in liability. Today, organizations invest in security controls to protect customer and employee data confidentiality and to achieve compliance with regulatory standards. We offer an all-inclusive independent review of all these critical business aspects, conducted by experienced consultants and certified auditors. The review provides the following:

  • Management-level profile of the firm's security
  • Comprehensive review of policy effectiveness
  • clear indication of risk areas and threats to compliance
  • As a critical link between implementation and compliance, we can provide a clear, complete privacy report including recommendations for remediation and prioritized next steps. The Independent Privacy Report incudes technical and non-technical aspects of operations and is the only way to effectively gauge privacy readiness and the adequacy of confidentiality controls:

  • Complete privacy audit preparation
  • Erivacy compliance evaluation
  • Employee awareness
  • Data confidentiality testing and controls
  • For maximum effectiveness, we provide recurring privacy audits. Our team delivers rapid, non-intrusive assessments to control the cost and impact of privacy risk management. Such a program demonstrates a mature and reliable operation while reducing incident and privacy management costs.

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