Network Convergence

Network Convergence

Get Ready For The Next "rEvolution"

IT consolidation is a smart strategy for doing more with less, enhancing the return on your technology investments, and positioning your enterprise to capitalize on business and technology change.

But many IT consolidation efforts focus exclusively on the information systems within the data center, overlooking broader issues like connectivity into, out or between the data centers.

We recognize that your local and wide area network plays an integral role in every phase of your IT consolidation journey. Thatís why our approach to IT consolidation encompasses all aspects of your connectivity needs - optimizing the interconnections among your applications, systems, remote offices and even entire data centers.


Why AllianceIT?

Our solutions are designed to optimize data center interconnectivity and help you build a modular, scalable, simplified network infrastructure that supports voice/data/video convergence, online transactions, data replication, storage synchronization.

A sound network consolidation plan can bring multiple benefits to your enterprise, including:

  • Improved application performance through an optimized local and wide area network
  •  Reduce costs through centralized monitoring and management of your entire network
  • Improved availability by integrating your server and storage networks into redundant configurations
  • Improved ability to introduce faster applications and services
  • Improved quality of service and enabled network convergence

    Practice Areas

    AllianceIT brings you a unique combination of top-tier network services, products, and partnerships that extensively cover the following areas:

  • Network Consolidation
  • Wide Area Network Optimization
  • Mobility and Wireless
  • Network Security

    Engage Us Today To ...

    Improve the availability of your Internet connectivity * Build High Availability into your existing network infrastructure * Improve response time for remote users * Prepare your network for file/messaging/storage consolidation * Deploy a VoIP or iSCSI ready infrastructure * Add wireless capabilities to your existing infrastructure * Improve network security


    Our Commitment

    Whatever the circumstance or complexity, whatever the platform or technology, whatever the deadline or challenges, AllianceIT proven professionals are available to assist you at the level you expect, delivering your project on time Ö "Every Time!"