Post Warranty Maintenance Services

At AllianceIT Business Solutions we truly believe across the board on all our offerings that you, the Client, deserve equitable industry pricing and terms for all of your IT related expenditures. Our cost savings and rationalization methodology stretches across all of our offerings including our Maintenance Services.

In the IT Industry today there are only three routes you can take as your mission critical IT assets come to the end of the Original Manufacturers warranty period:

  • Perform an expensive & complete refresh of your existing infrastructure to obtain new warranty coverage
  • Pay uplifted & at times exorbinant post warranty maintenance fees from the Vendor as your equipment ages beyond the original warranty
  • Engage with an economical and experienced third party for subsequent Break/Fix coverage.
  • Unfortunately in this day and age with IT budget reductions and escalating costs the Vendor community continues to shoe-horn the majority of clients into the first two areas above with little regard to the financial realities that face their client base.

    In keeping with our “Trusted Advisor” role and our Vendor Agnostic commitment to our Clients, AllianceIT has structured Post Warranty Maintenance Plans that are not only significantly less costly then those of the Vendors but plans that are constructed around total flexibility with our clients needs in mind. We believe that if we offer the best in affordability and flexibility, you the Client will gravitate to AllianceIT naturally and continue to utilize our service as long as the value and response remains above expectation.

    In consulting with many of our existing Enterprise clients, we have listened to their needs and requests, and out of these discussions we believe, crafted a set of services that not only meet the majority of their maintenance requirements but also allows for custom plans depending on circumstance.

    In keeping with our ‘Enterprise” nature, the AllianceIT Maintenance plans are designed to cover your mission critical UNIX server base, whether your requirements are for HP-UX, AIX or Solaris. If you have requirements outside of the UNIX arena, we would be happy to discuss these with you to determine if we can offer an appropriate and relevant plan at the level many have come to expect from our team.

    For a free of charge assessment of your current and future maintenance needs, simply call us at 416-238-7161 ext 112 or email us at