Infrastructure Services

When you have tight timelines to meet and need reliable and trusted results, you don’t just pick anyone as your Infrastructure Partner. The demands on your time, budgets and overall success as a senior executive dictates that you choose those that have been there in the trenches and have the experience resolving what you are faced with today.

In todays fast-paced IT and business environments, there is a zero tollerance for delays, missed change-order windows and downtime. For this fact alone you must choose your partners and extended work force carefully. Now is not the time to select partners that are married to a particular Vendor that has an alternative motive to upsell you on incremental hardware and software. You need a “Trusted Partner” that works for you and has your interest’s top of mind throughout the engagement process.

At AllianceIT, we deliver non-vendor biased, cost-effective, customized services built on experience, our proven methodology, best-of-breed recommendations and the most valuable ingredient: your business goals!

We believe that an effective IT solution is a result of a process delivered by business oriented professionals and not simply the sum of various products and technologies assembled together.

We specialize in four main Infrastructure practice areas that provide the building blocks for a robust and flexible IT infrastructure capable of accommodating and sustaining the most demanding business dynamics:

  • Virtualization of Intel and UNIX environments
  • Data Management and Optimization
  • Security and Compliance
  • Convergent Communications

    AllianceIT delivers the highest quality of service following a simple and yet effective full cycle process: Learn * Listen * Analyze * Architect * Select * Source * Implement * Educate * Support * Improve

    Learn from our experience * Listen to our clients * Analyze our clients business needs * Translate needs into cost effective IT solutions * Select the appropriate technologies and partners * Calibrate the hardware and software transaction * Implement successfully the proposed solutions * Educate and provide knowledge transfer * Support ongoing operations * Improve our clients delivery processes and methodologies.

    We listen * We deliver * We guarantee…… Success!

    Whatever the circumstance or complexity, whatever the platform or technology, whatever the deadline or challenges, AllianceIT proven professionals are available to assist you at the level you expect, delivering your project on time … "Every Time!"