Data Protection


Is your data protected?

In today’s digital economy, protecting your data from external and internal threats is essential to your business survival.

Whether building efficiencies into existing technology or implementing new systems, data protection is ultimately realized through the sound application of technology and techniques capable of:

  • Identifying and preventing malicious attacks that can gain access to systems and information
  • Securing the data through sound encryption techniques
  • Ultimately, recovering the data in case of data loss

    Protect Your Corporate Data With AllianceIT?

    According to IDC, over 90% of the corporate world is the target of digital attacks every single year. With the increasing globalization and business integration getting tighter and tighter, the domino effect of a security breach can have dramatic impact on the stability and availability of your entire IT infrastructure. This complex integrated IT chain is - and will be - only as strong as its weakest link.

    We can help you fulfill your server, data and network security needs and ensure that you have the proper tools, processes and procedures in place to recover the data, should a data loss occur.

    We can also help you identify appropriate technologies and practices and properly design, implement and operate best-in-class protection for your information.


    Practice Areas

    At AllianceIT, we specialize in three practice areas that provide the building blocks for effective data protection:

  • Systems and applications security - secure the access to your networks, servers, databases or applications
  • Data encryption - encrypt data at the network, storage or backup level
  • Data recovery - recover data from tape, disk, snaps or replicated copies

    Engage us today to ...

    Identify security gaps and weaknesses of your current IT infrastructure * Implement lockdown policies for your Windows and UNIX/Linux servers * Secure wired or wireless, local or remote access to your infrastructure * Perform penetration tests * Enhance virus protection * Implement VPN * Implement data encryption * Implement unified authentication and authorization * Redesign or rebuild your firewalls * Design effective backup/recovery solutions *


    Our Commitment

    Whatever the circumstance or complexity, whatever the platform or technology, whatever the deadline or challenges, AllianceIT proven professionals are available to assist you at the level you expect, delivering your project on time … "Every Time!"