Get More Out Of Less

Most of today's modern data centers still operate tremendously underutilized hardware and software.

Sprawling data centers are overly diverse, complex and demanding on environmental elements like cooling and power, placing an unnecessary burden on support staff and budgets. This diversity and complexity can cause millions of dollars of waste in a data center every year.

Data center consolidation is an effective approach to reduce the cost and the complexity of such an IT infrastructure and a first necessary step in the evolution to the Real Time Infrastructure.


Why consolidation?

In a recent report, Gartner reaffirms that "without a framework for continuous enterprise consolidation, IT organizations will struggle to develop rapidly enough to cost-effectively meet the demands placed on them by business unit and external partners, and therefore risk budget cuts or inappropriate full-scale outsourcing".

The AllianceIT approach is focused on ensuring that your organization realizes in full the promised benefits of the consolidation process:

  • Reduce costs by increasing resource utilization
  • Improve availability by leveraging additional resources in an event of a failure
  • Speed up provisioning by using pre-allocated resource pools
  • Control more resources with less effort by managing pools of resources through a single pane of glass
  • Simplify disaster-recovery processes due to the reduced number of systems, devices or data centers

    Practice Areas

    Our engineers and consultants have developed the most comprehensive set of proven methodologies and intellectual capital used in the industry today to produce fast and quantifiable results.

    We offer complete, end-to-end consolidation solutions that cover the following areas:

  • Server Consolidation (Intel, UNIX)
  • Storage Consolidation (SAN, NAS, CAS)
  • Database Consolidation
  • Centralized Messaging
  • Centralized Active Directory
  • Centralized Backup&Recovery
  • Server-less office

    Engage us today to ...

    Better understand consolidation benefits, techniques and options * Perform an in-depth consolidation assessment * Jumpstart the consolidation process * Reduce your datacentre footprint * Reduce your operational costs on power, cooling and systems management * Reduce complexity, increase availability and enable disaster recovery * Reduce the risks of migration to a consolidated infrastructure


    Our Commitment

    Whatever the circumstance or complexity, whatever the platform or technology, whatever the deadline or challenges, AllianceIT proven professionals are available to assist you at the level you expect, delivering your project on time "Every Time!"