Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Plan For The Future ... Today

Capacity Planning is defined as the process by which an organization determines the amount of resources necessary to accommodate additional workloads in response to changing or predicted demands.

In today's rapidly changing environments, Capacity Management plays a central role in adding flexibility and agility to the Service Delivery process. Moreover, numerous studies show that, without proper capacity planning, the risk of poor performance and of unplanned downtime increases dramatically.


Why AllianceIT?

Our consultants have the experience and the tools necessary to effectively perform both simple (benchmarking, capacity trending) or more complex capacity planning analysis (modeling and simulations). The analysis performed will bring important benefits to your IT department, including:

  • Identify and repurpose underutilized hardware
  • Reduce or eliminate over-provisioning
  • Reduce IT operational expenditures
  • Improve the accuracy of IT budgets
  • Leverage future technologies to gain flexibility
  • Reduce planned downtime

    Practice Areas

    AllianceIT brings you a unique combination of tools and processes that enable organizations of all sizes plan and meet capacity requirements for:

  • UNIX and Intel servers
  • File and block based storage
  • Databases and Applications
  • Local and Wide Area Networks

    Engage Us Today To ...

    Profile resource utilization and identify trends * Perform benchmarking and stress tests * Prepare your network for file,messaging or storage consolidation * Identify, quantify and optimize WAN workloads * Understand the effect of deploying VoIP or iSCSI in your current networking infrastructure  * Simulate additional workloads in your current production environment


    Our Commitment

    Whatever the circumstance or complexity, whatever the platform or technology, whatever the deadline or challenges, AllianceIT proven professionals are available to assist you at the level you expect, delivering your project on time "Every Time!"