Archive and Compliance

Archive and Compliance

Unified, Flexible Approach to Compliance

Rapid data growth increases the complexity of storing and managing data.

Slow performance, lower reliability, poor resource utilization and the high costs of managing primary data are operational issues your enterprise cannot afford.

Increasingly, enterprises are looking to archive inactive data to a secondary storage environment to improve service levels and intelligently manage storage costs.

Similarly, with the expansion of compliance requirements over the past several years, companies must ensure that data is secure, unalterable, and immediately accessible in order to comply with government regulations.


What Does Unified Solution Mean To You?

AllianceIT's archival and compliance solutions eliminate the need for separate storage silos and bridges the gap between point solutions for archive and compliance. Furthermore, it enables a single architecture to be used across primary and secondary storage regardless of protocol.

This unified approach provides customers with a lower total cost of ownership and simplified management without sacrificing performance.

A unified archive and compliance solution will address growing storage costs across your infrastructure and offer extensive benefits:

  • Improve service levels and satisfy your needs for long term data retention requirements
  • Lower the cost of ownership by leveraging the same infrastructure for primary and secondary storage
  • Offer unparallel flexibility and extensibility by enabling mixing and matching of protocols, retention policies and security models
  • Minimize cost and complexity by offering standard-based integration with major archiving applications
  • Maintain performance at expected levels, ensuring your service quality remains high

    Practice Areas

    Our offer archiving and compliancy solutions that cover the following areas:

  • Messaging
  • File Systems
  • Databases
  • Imaging Systems

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